Payday 1

payday 1 : The Heist is actually a collective first-person shooting computer game established through Overkill Software as well as posted through Sony Online Entertainment. It was actually discharged on 18 October 2011, for PlayStation 3 in North America as well as 2 November 2011, in Europe.[[ 4 ] It was actually discharged on twenty October 2011, for Microsoft Windows using Steam. The video game operates on the Diesel video game motor. It includes 7 various goals (featuring the cost-free No Mercy downloadable web content (DLC) discharged on 25 July 2012), along with each purpose having arbitrary components which affect the gameplay in understated means along with the objective of enriching replayability. On 7 August 2012, the Wolf Pack DLC was actually launched on PlayStation 3 and also Personal Computer. This DLC includes 2 break-ins, extra tools, enhanced amount hat, and also a gamer upgrade plant.

Personal devices

In payday 1 : The Heist, gamers make use of an assortment of weapons to finish goals (often focused around taking a specific things, individual, or even a certain quantity of funds). The activity participates in coming from the very first individual viewpoint, yet uses a handful of variations on the basic FPS formula. Eliminating private citizens is actually reprimanded, rather gamers might take a restricted variety as prisoners. Must any kind of gamer acquire apprehended (after taking adequate damages as well as certainly not being actually “brought back” eventually) during the course of the robbery, some of their colleagues might discharge a prisoner, permitting a profession to occur which makes it possible for a solitary gamer to become discharged. While participating in the degrees, gamers will definitely observe a ton of variety in a solitary degree, as there are actually commonly a lot of arbitrary celebrations scheduled in. An instance of the is actually the area of the financial institution supervisor in First World Bank.

Gameplay [revise]

The video game concentrates on 4 thiefs (Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and also Wolf) that partner. Their very first robbery happened at the First World Bank, where they went into a safe by utilizing thermite concealed on the within a copy machine as well as swiped a huge volume of funds. A post-game notification applauds the team, informing all of them that they are actually “well-to-do”, yet advises extra robberies, consisting of burglarizing medicine addicts in a left apartment building as well as surprising a captive transportation in massive rainfall climate, just for the pleasure of the gamers.


Overkill Software vowed DLC prior to the video game’s launch. In October 2011 the initial of these was actually disclosed to consist of a Nixon face mask, brand-new devices, capabilities, personalities, and also break-ins. This DLC is actually the Wolf Pack, as well as it launched on 1 August on the European PlayStation Store and also on 7 August for the North American PlayStation Store as well as COMPUTER. The brand-new material consisted of a brand-new Technician ability plant that offered the gamers accessibility to the AK, the GL40 and also the Stryk handgun in addition to including a guard weapon. Likewise consisted of were actually 2 brand-new break-ins, Counterfeit as well as Undercover. On 25 July, the No Mercy Hospital DLC was actually launched, developing a web link in between Left 4 Dead as well as payday 1 (although this has actually been actually specified to become non-canon).[[ 4] ] [ 5 ] This DLC consisted of the No Mercy robbery along with the Infected disguise specified for gamers along with Left 4 Dead put up on their personal computers.
On 17 October 2014, payday 1 : The Heist was actually complimentary on Steam for 24 hrs.

Reception [revise]

As of October 2012, payday 1 : The Heist marketed over 700,000 duplicates.[[ 6] ] [ 7 ] As of 1 November 2014, payday 1 : The Heist as well as payday 1 2 all together have actually marketed much more than 9 thousand systems.[[ 8 ]


On 1 February 2013, Overkill Software revealed a follow up to payday 1 : The Heist entitled payday 1 2. It was actually launched on thirteen August 2013, through Steam for Personal Computer,[[ 9 ] and also coming from thirteen- 16 August for PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360.[[ citation required] ]

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payday 1 : The Heist is actually a leading top quality downloadable video game created to supply an one-of-a-kind twist on the First Person Shooter category. As a rigorous, mettlesome and also unapologetic segmented co-operative shooting, payday 1 is actually stuffed along with brash perspective, legendary Hollywood-inspired activity and also unlimited replayability.With 6 action-packed break-ins to accomplish at launch, gamers start an impressive unlawful act trip of robberies, featuring firing their method with a midtown safe-deposit box break-in, exchanging captives in an armored cars and truck hijacking as well as also a bright invasion of a high-security main office.

OVERKILL Software is actually a video game progression business that was actually started in September 2009 through a team of solidified field professionals. As opportunity passed lots of awesome participants enrolled to perform on the PAYDAY strategy and also in 2012, OVERKILL participated in powers along with Starbreeze Studios. Belonging of the brand-new moms and dad firm, OVERKILL moved to the Starbreeze workplaces in the center of Stockholm as well as associated the remainder of the Starbreeze staff, acquiring pair of terrific crews along with abundant as well as proficient past histories of exactly how to create excellent First Person Shooter games.Today, the OVERKILL workers is actually a combination of business experts, recently earned a degree professionals and also excellent companions. It is actually a genuine fusion of knowledge and also passion and also a brand-new technique to progression that will definitely get rid of over the practices.